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Graduate Student Irmarie Cotto Wins Outstanding Poster Award at the 4th International Conference on Emerging Contaminants, Iowa City, August 19 -22, 2014.

Graduate student Norma Torres wins the Ing. Jesus A. Davila Ortiz Scholarship from Puerto Rico Society of Engineers

Norma Torres, a graduate student in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, has won a the Jesus A. Davila Ortiz Scholarship awarded by the Puerto Rico Society of Engineers. This is the the first scholarship of its kind for environmental engineering. She will formally receive the award during a ceremony on November 24, 2013. Congratulations Norma!



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The Environmental Engineering Laboratory (EEL) provides academic services to train and develop skilled students, professionals, and other members of the academic community in environmental science and engineering. The EEL is used for formal and informal courses, research activities, and community services Activities in the EEL advance fundamental and practical knowledge and research in natural and engineering environmental processes, and foster technology development for environmental protection and sustainability. These activities provide skills and prepare individuals and communities to deal with present and future environmental challenges. As such, the EEL is of great academic and social benefit.

The EEL facilities include 3,430 ft2 of indoor laboratory space and 1721 ft2 of field space. The facilities are well equipped with instrumentation for water, air, waste, and soil analysis. The field site, which is located next to the Civil Engineering building, contains unsaturated and saturated wells and instrumentation and climatologic station. It also supports geophysical and underground field measurements.The facilities also house the EnviroBeds Facilities, which consist of several subsurface and engineered-environmental-systems physical models, and computational facilities.

These facilities permit students to get acquainted and use the most advanced technology for water resources management and pollution control.